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Default Food variances.

One of my favorite foods is enchiladas. Not low carb, I know but I don't do
low carb. when I make them at home, I do the Sonoran style where they are
layered as opposed to rolled and I can add layers of onion and green pepper
to help lower the total carb count. I can also make my own sauce so I know
what is in it.

I had to quit ordering these at many restaurants because their sauce
contains dairy. But when I did order them in the past, my BG was always
good afterwards, even when eaten with some beans and chips and in some cases
in the past, some rice. I had to quit getting Mexican rice in restaurants
because it contains chicken broth and I can't have chicken. But back when I
was eating it, I would eat a bite or two and it was fine.

But recently, my mom and I ate at a restaurant where Angela had refused to
go. We all ate there when they first opened. I was trying to do low carb
then and it flat out didn't work for me. The two of us had split a plate of
fajitas. I attempted to eat the meat and veggies but it was inedible. But
my parents kept insisting that the food was really good there and another
person I know claims it is her favorite place to eat. So we tried it again.
Angela would not touch her food even though it was just a hamburger patty
and fries. This was many years ago. She was perhaps in the 2nd grade and
we didn't know that she was actually ill so that may have been part of it.
But since then she has refused to go.

Anyway... Since just my mom and I were dining, I suggested that place. I
had the ground beef enchiladas since there was no dairy in them. I can't
remember now if this was before or after they changed around my insulin. I
do remember that my BG was in the 200's prior and I had a hypo after eating.
Two enchiladas, whole beans and some chips with yummy pico de gallo. They
put cabbage in it and it had a strong lime taste. No heat.

We convinced Angela to try the place again. She did and didn't like it
but... I had the same meal again but with more pico de gallo. She did like
that. My BG was perfectly normal before I ate the meal and once again it
dipped to hypo after. This was on the new insulin regimen.

In the past, my numbers were usually fine after eating such a meal.
Sometimes high, but I never ever had a hypo. So why now am I having a hypo
when eating this? I don't think it is a matter of having a spike and then a
drop. I do know that the chips at this particular place are much thinner
than other restaurants. And perhaps the sauce is lower in carbs? But could
it be the pico de gallo? I just can't figure it out.

Used to be that prior to my knowing of my food intolerances, a turkey dinner
was my standard go to restaurant meal. It never spiked me although not
being a stuffing lover, I never ate all of that and if there was a roll, I
never ate that either. Just the turkey and some or all (depending on how
much I got on my plate) of the potatoes and my salad or whatever veggies
came with it. Did not eat the cranberry sauce. Until... I ate at Marie
Callendars. I only ate a bite or two of that sickeningly sweet stuffing and
it was spike city!

So... Restaurant meals can be super tough. At least for me. Something
that seems safe, isn't necessarily safe. Especially if there is sauce
involved! I just can't figure out why this meal would be causing me to have
a hypo 2 hours after eating it. I am having other BG strangeness (although
not necessarily a bad thing) but I will post of this on

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