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Default Half the Bread

It must be terrible to live such a paranoid life Ted. Why is is that almost
the entire medical community is talking about HFCS? Are you afraid that
maybe all those twinkies and soda you eat and drink that got your fat ass
Type 2 diabetes will disappear? I can't even recommend you get a life Ted
since you are a waste of life. Good-luck to you sir.

"Ted Rosenberg" wrote in message
cc;d by email

This trolling scammers has just entered the NG's under a new name,
representing Momma Betty and the anti medicine scammers

look for a rash of similar posts soon

BZ wrote:

HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is now considered to be a threat to most
comsumers and especially diabetics.

so I looked at the ingredients. get a load of this:

whole wheat flour
high fructose corn syrup
vital wheat gluten
2% or less of the following:
soybean oil
raisin juice concentrate
blah blah blah chemicals...

calories per slice - 110
calories from fat - 10
total fat - 1.5g
total carb - 20g
dietary fiber - 3g
protein - 4g

so now what do I do? keep eating it or am i kidding myself that it's
healthy stuff?


K'neH'a'Iw wrote:

Bay Area Dave wrote:

I'm now eating whole wheat bread.

I find lot of whole wheat bread is not much better that white bread.

has just enough whole wheat flour to call it whole wheat, sometimes
along with sugar. I once got some by mistake which had molasses in it.

I read the label carefully and look for 100% stone ground whole wheat