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Default Butter Gooey Cakes by Paula Deen

barb wrote in news:1192512349.400110.175100

Now use your imagination and create some additional

It's been a while since I've made these, so the measures may be off, and
I don't use a cake mix anymore, got my own base recipe 90% perfected.

Chocolate Malt:
Add 5 Tbs of Dutched Cocoa Powder and 3 Tbs of Malted Milk Mix to
filling, add 2 tbs of malted powder to the cake mix for extra flavor.

Dice 2-3 Apples, sautee in butter. Chop 8 oz walnuts. In another pan,
heat 2 tbs butter, 4 tbs sugar & 1/4 tsp Cinnamon toss walnuts in pan and
cook until fairly dry. Fold apples & nuts in the filling Works well
with spice cake base. Pears can be substituted for the apples, or mix.
In school, we did this one as part of a trio desert plate for a $200/head
fundraiser dinner, only part of the meal that there was NONE that came

Banana Split:
Spread strawberry jam over crust before adding filling. Slice 3
bananas, drain 1 can of Pinapple well, and fold in to filling, pour over
jam. About 10 mins before done, top with coconut to toast (or toast it
and put it on afterwards. WHen serving, top with Whipped cream, drizzle
of chocolate syrup and a cherry. Even though Paula's recipe calls for
a 3rd egg for the filling on the pinapple one, I don't do it. It doesn't
set up right for my tastes with it. Maybe a 3rd white, haven't tried
that yet.

Spumoni: (Still playing with this one, not 100% sure how I'm gonna
finalize it, this is the one I've tried so far)
Yellow base.. To the filling add: 4 drops of Pistachio flavoring, 5 of
Cherry and 5 Tbs Dutched cocoa powder. Next try is going to be
grinding some pistachios to replace part of the flour in the cake base I
use, spreading chocolate filling swirled with a cherry filling I picked
up at a local supply shop.

Chocolate Macadamia Nut:
5 Tbs Dutched cocoa in filling, 2 oz chopped Macadamia nuts, 4 oz Coconut
in flilling. For maximum chocolate, use a chocoalte cake base.

Somewhere I've got about 10 others I came up with, about 75% tested at
least once. Obviously