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Default Quinoa

sorry bout the long time for reply...

i'm in auckland, fwiw, up north at sea level between two natural harbours,
doesnt get too cold or too hot here.
tho we pretty much grown anything here.
quinoa is native to south america, in the andes of peru, iirc.
those conditions are cooooold at night and warm in the day, during the
growing season anyhow.
i'd think they'd grow most anywhere after that.
why does the coating have to be removed to plant the seeds?
that wouldn't happen in nature.
i wonder why someone isnt growing it in our south island.
then i also wonder why cranberrys are not a commercial crop here.
with all the peat bogs near the ocean we've got down south you'd think it
would be ideal conditions.
i know they grow some but not enough, still importing cranberry juice and
jelly at a horrendous cost.
we buy it cuz its what i grew up with in california. lucky we can afford it
i guess. eh.
hmmmm, maybe i should try a few seeds in a pot on the deck and see what
oh, what about eating the leaves.
does this keep it from setting seeds?
can you eat the leaves as they grow on the plant and it will keep growing?
sorry to sound dumb but this is a new food to me.
i've grown other vegetables but not sure how this one behaves at all.
cheers from a lovely warm sunny spring day in the south pacific,

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