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nzlstar* wrote:

has anyone tried growing Quinoa seeds?
i've only just found what sounds like a great food for various
folks....vegetarians, vegans(only non animal complete protein source),
diabetics, gluten intolerants.
from what i've read online, it will grow well in less than good
conditions. i've finally found a source near me, bought some, tested
it out in a salad, similar to tabouleh.
it tastes good and i like the odd texture.
i wonder how it is in a pudding like tapioca, hmmmm. more research i
think. i wont give up my oatmeal for breakfast tho.
cheers from the bottom of the planet,
second post with a useable addy since this usenet group is moderated,
something i'm not used to, lol, i hope this one shows up

I've grown it in the UK (which is as non-ideal conditions as you can get
for growing many things - sorry, bad year on the allotment). The major
difficulty was getting the soapy tasting seed coats off the grain. They
need thorough drying and winnowing, and for the latter the more quinoa
you have the easier it will be. You don't say where you are exactly,
but I'd have thought you'd have no trouble growing it unless you're in
Greymouth or south of Dunedin.

At the Eden Project in Cornwall this summer I noticed they were growing
it successfully, including varieties that looked quite different from
those I grew (which looked like Fat Hen or Good King Henry).

We gave up eating it because the children wouldn't. Baby's fingernails
was one of their more polite descriptions. I'm also very glad not to be
associated with anything championed by "Dr" Gillian McKeith. But if
quinoa works for you, good luck.