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Default Comparison of roast pork- report on finding

Nonnymus wrote:
Pete C. wrote:

Tonight, Mrs Nonny and I are going to make two pulled pork sandwiches
with slaw on them. One will be my smoked butt and the other my friend's
version. We'll cut each sandwich in half, giving ourselves half of
each. We both usually sprinkle our sandwiches with spicy vinegar, but
for the taste test tonight, I think we'll start out "dry," at least at

It should be interesting.

You donít stand any taller by
trying to make others appear shorter.

Besides the technique differences, I'm not sure you have much of a valid
comparison between a butt and a loin.

True, but we'll be able to tell which we prefer in a sandwich. My
guess is that'll we'll prefer the traditional butt, since that's what we
grew up with, but it'll be fun to do the side-by-side comparison.


Well, we had our little experiment and the results were what I'd
expected. The butt won hands down when it came to making a sandwich. I
made the two sandwiches my favorite way, using hot dog buns, slaw and
spicy vinegar topping. The one made using my friend's roasted and
pulled loin was mushy, had no bark and lacked any smoke flavor. I think
he snuck a little garlic butter on it, though, and that wasn't bad at
all. Please understand, it was good- darned good in fact- for a roast
and pulled pork loin, but that was way outclassed by traditional
barbecue like a pulled butt roast.

After supper, I took what was left and added KC Masterpiece to it and
returned the bowl to the refrigerator. This morning for breakfast, I
heated a serving and ate it on another hot dog bun. It was quite
acceptable that way, and about what is served in most restaurants as a
barbecue pork sandwich.

I guess I'm just mellowing with age, but the older I get, the fuzzier
my opinions are of what is good and bad. I really like smoked, pulled
pork butt and it's about as much of a staple here as are Mazlo's
essentials like water, air and martinis. However, there's room in this
world, and my refrigerator, for other things beyond "pure" barbecue.
I'd never try to tell a purist that what I had for breakfast was real
barbecue, but I'd offer to share it with a friend and would expect him
or her to enjoy it. I remember as a kid how much I enjoyed it when Mom
would add Hunt's to leftover roast beef or a pork roast and serve it the
next meal. We called that barbecue back then, and it still brings a
warm memory to mind when I eat it. Nowadays, that kind of food isn't my
first choice, since I have other preferences, but I'm sure not ready to
malign it, either.

You donít stand any taller by
trying to make others appear shorter.