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Default Brisket: dry flat, point heaven

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Clearly, the cryo packer cut brisket from China Mart will have to do
as the only other market to carry the cut in my area wants $4.00 a lb
So, to further improve my brisket cooking (without the use of foil) I
am turning to the list.

My issue: By the time the point is done the flat seems "well done".

- Do I need to separate the point from the flat prior to cooking?

I run my pit temps in the 250 - 300 degree range. Lump charcoal,
offset NB Silver Smoker/BD

Q for all so long as it's not parboiled ribs.

That can happen. Some people do separate them at the end and leave the point
a bit longer. I judge by the flat and the point is always OK for me, but it
could easily go a bit more with no harm. If you don't think it is done
enough, just put it back on the heat.