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"Pensrock" > wrote in message
> Right now I use a modified gas grill, I removed the guts and use a hot
> plate to make the smoke then run the smoke through a duct to the grill. It
> works pretty well but you have to keep adding wood every half hour or so
> and its difficult to control the temp. Then you have to wait till the
> newly added wood starts smoking. I think it takes much longer this way
> than a continuous smoking process.
> Greg

Cheaper to buy a bigger pie plate for the smoker. Put it right inside the
grill in cooler weather. I use a mix of sawdust and chunks and get a
couple of hours from a load.

I don't really know much about the Bradley, but buying their wood pucks gets
pricey if you do a lot of cooking; not so bad for cold smoking a few times a
year. Cost about $1 an hour to run based on 20 minutes per disk. For less
money, buy their smoke generator for $169 and use it with your modified
grill of a big cardboard box..