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I'm looking for pros and cons about the Bradley digital smoker. Also
where is the best place to get the best deal on one should I decide to go
that way. I do not plan to do much hot smoking although it appears it will
do hot smoking. I mainly want to smoke sausages, cheeses and jerky. So most
of what I will be doing is cold smoking. I'm sure I will be tempted to try
my hand at some hot smoking/cooking. I've wanted to try to smoke fish,
poultry, beef and pork.
Right now I use a modified gas grill, I removed the guts and use a hot
plate to make the smoke then run the smoke through a duct to the grill. It
works pretty well but you have to keep adding wood every half hour or so and
its difficult to control the temp. Then you have to wait till the newly
added wood starts smoking. I think it takes much longer this way than a
continuous smoking process.

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