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Default preserving baked goods

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

My guess is you already looked into this and are looking for
a cheaper alternative - I don't think one exists unless you want
to try packaging them with mothballs (that's a joke) There ain't
no free luch, sadly.

I walked into this late, but many baked goods dry well and will last
a long time in a FoodSaver type vacuum sealed bag.

One idea is to dry low fat unfrosted cake slices. When you serve them
add frosting and fruit compote, brandy, etc.

If you are just looking for a way to keep them from going bad, slice
them if they are larger than one portion and seal them in Foodsaver type
vacuum bags and then freeze them.

Putting a frozen one in your lunch will help keep it cool and bring
it to room temp by the time you want to eat it.


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