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Default preserving baked goods

"Forbeo" wrote in message
Does anyone have tips for preserving packaged baked goods without
using preservatives in the dessert itself? We have been trying to add
to the shelf life of our products without adding artificial
preservatives to the ingredients.

Any information you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.


F. Orbeo

All I know is from the farmers' market. Last couple of years the sweet bread
maker packaged her product in just plastic wrap. What with the warm weather
and all, some of the crust invariably stuck to the package. Ick.
Now she uses paper loaf liners (like muffin tin liners) and packages them in
recyclable plastic boxes. A little more expensive, but certainly easier to
use and store.
I know that the sandwich bread I buy is double wrapped, and certainly keeps
better in the freezer than any other brand. I don't usually plan on keeping
this stuff for more than a month or two anyway.