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In article [email protected], says...

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My friends dad has a heart problem. Would a seasalt product be ok, such
as the one in the link below? I might be in the wrong N.G., but if
anyone knows please reply....thanx

Was he told to eat less salt or sodium? If so, I don't think there is any
salt that is better for him than another.

There is a cardiology newsgroup but it is run by a quack.

I eat Real Salt. It's a sea salt and it tastes really good. I have the
Himalyan salt. Use it for bathing but haven't tried eating it.

I heard that regular salt is bad for anyone. I've recently switched to
sea salt, and I like it too. I'll never go back to regular table salt.
I heard that table salt is the same price as it was for the last 100
years. Don't know if that's true or not, but if it is, maybe there is
some truth to it being bad for you. Your response was incredibly 10 seconds :-) Thanks for your advice. I don't have
diabetes, but I know a few of people that do. Seems like as long as you
take care of yourself your life is pretty much the same as everyone
else. I came on this web site because I knew someone would know the
answer to my question ..thanx Julie