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DaleW wrote:

Not surprised the Montille needed time, lots of '88s do, and de
Montille wines tend to be real slow agers.

IIRC, you are of the mind that they may *never* stop being tight. This
wine would certainly support that thesis ;-)

And I think you and Jean are insane if you don't usually like duck and

Rest easy, Dale. You could serve us a '93 Lafarge 1er with magret de
canard and we wouldn't utter a word of complaint. But... when dining
out with Ian and Jacquie Hoare on my birthday in '01, we got a bottle of
Echezaux (producer, alas, not recorded) and compared it with my squab
and her duck -- no contest! The wine was a far better match with the
gamier squab than with the duck. It's not that it's *bad* with duck --
far from it -- but there are better matches with it, as that meal proved
for us. YMMV, of course.

Mark Lipton

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