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Default skirt-boy: burden of proof not met

On Aug 1, 9:46 pm, Derek wrote:
On Wed, 01 Aug 2007 03:57:49 -0700, Rupert wrote:
On Aug 1, 6:28 pm, Derek wrote:
On Tue, 31 Jul 2007 19:41:23 -0700, Rupert wrote:


Let me get this straight, Ball. I am perfectly happy to sign my full
name and photo to all my Internet activity. You, apparently, are a bit
uncomfortable with the idea that, within a few days, anyone will be
able to type your name into Google and find a record of this debate.

You've provided much more than just that, you spiteful little
prick, including a link to Lesley's spiteful little page, so take
it down. If anyone wants to find a record of your arguments
with him they can go through Google archives and find them
in the usual way. There's certainly no need to publish his
whereabouts and a photograph of him alongside your
arguments, so take it down and stop being spiteful.

Let me just try to get to terms with your point of view. You think
Ball is entitled to behave in the way he behaves on this newsgroup,
and he is also entitled to expect people to graciously help him to do
it under a cloak of anonymity? Although Karen Winter is not entitled
to expect the same privilege?

Unlike Jon, Karen is a potential threat to children, and
like most other parents I feel compelled to take the right
course of action against threats like her.

Karen's no threat to children. You're in no position to call me a
"spiteful little prick". You really should apologize for that one.

Ball has fantasized about commiting violent acts in public. And come
to think of that I didn't put that one up on my webpage, bit of an
oversight there. Ball is much more likely to be a threat to others
than Karen is.

It doesn't matter whether Ball actually is a danger to society. If he
acts the way he does in public, he's got no cause for complaint when
people decide to make his behaviour a little easier to find out about.
And, frankly, it really wasn't such a big deal. Hardly anyone looks at
my webpage, I don't know what his problem was. It really was quite
amusing the way he got so scared about it. What a pitiful coward.