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Default Validation for value of organic produce? From "Sham vs. Wham: TheHealth Insider"

"D." wrote:

On occasion, I will mention a product that
I am affiliated with, and this is clearly
presented in the text. That only happens in about
one out of ten or twelve posts.

And here you admit you have commercial interests.
That's what makes you a spammer. You post spam
to numerous non-commercial discussion newsgroups,
which violates the charters for those newsgroups.

As stated on the site, which discusses both pharmaceuticals as
well as alternative products (both into either the Sham or Wham
category), the site does not offer medical advice, but only
research reports. Readers are urged to see their doctor.

That disclaimer doesn't take you off the hook
for the responsibility to present information
that is accurate and complete. Your articles
frequently have serious defects that could
result in harm.

Curcumin has no ill effects at all on its own - after all, its a
biochemical ingredient of curry, eaten for a thousand years. But
interactions with other herbs and medicines is another subject
entirely -- in fact, the topic of a future Sham vs. Wham, which
discusses the interaction of "food" with "pharmaceuticals" and
how the choice of the right foods with certain drugs can amplify
and improve the results, leading to less dosage needed, etc.

You advocated taking curcumin as a supplement
without disclosing the risk. As I said before,
anyone taking a drug with a low therapeutic
index could be harmed by taking curcumin at
the same time, because curcumin retards the
clearance of many drugs from the body.
That could cause an overdose.

Your articles could actually hurt people,
either through your own ignorance of the risks
or the spin to favor your commercial interests.

You are not an accurate or reliable source of
information. You're just a spammer touting your
commercial website. You don't care that your
spamming activities could have terrible