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Default Ping: Larry - your remodeling pic

On Jul 3, 11:59 am, Dee Dee wrote:
On Jul 3, 11:53 am, pltrgyst wrote:

On Mon, 02 Jul 2007 21:49:03 -0700, Dee Dee wrote:
Larry, I've perused your posting pictures of your kitchen remodeling
looking for one particular picture where you said you had the
contractor add an extra couple of sockets/outlet.

Hmmm -- what are you trying to see?

I had quad outlets added at both ends of the bay window countertop, and dual
outlets between the main work counter and the raised bar-counter.

Pictures of these outlets in various stages are in the shots from 2/7/06 and
2/3/06. More raw preparation pictures are on the 1/18 and 1/16 pages.

-- Larry

Thanks, Larry. I'll look later - on my way to town grocery shopping.
Will let you know if I don't see what I'm looking for.

I must've been thinking it was your site, but I went through again and
looked at every picture and don't see it. Darn!
Oh,well. DH will come up with something innovative, I'm sure.

Enjoy the 4th.