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Default cold smoking question

Bob wrote:
Have never tried any cold smoking, but have read that the temp
should be about 100 degrees.

I use a smoker with an offset firebox and have good luck with
cooking, ribs, roasts, etc at about 250 degrees.

Is this smoker usable for cold smoking?

How does one keep the temp down to about 100?

During Texas summers, often the temp exceeds 100 with no fire.
So, can cold smoking be done only in the winter or cooler months?

I'd like to try fish and jerky. I recently got a couple jerky
recipes from some good folks here that I want to try.

Guess I need to go to the library to see if I can find a book on
cold smoking, but anyone have suggestions? Thanks!


What are you trying to smoke?
Cold smoking is a method of perserving meats that have been cured.
The meat is rubbed, or soaked, or injected with sodium nitrate, which
protects the meat from botulisum while it is in the "danger zone" between 45
and 145 degrees F.

After that, the meat is stabilized by the lowered moisture content.
The smoke was initially used only to keep flies off of the meat.

I would only bother to cold smoke hams, bacon or the like, which get most of
their character from the smoky flavor. (It is a PITA)

Mostly everything else, I would skip the cure, and hot smoke until dome,
then eat.

I cold smoked some frankfurters the other day, but it was mainly to show
someone how to do it.
The franks that I just cooked (steamed) came out just as good; probably a
bit moister.