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Default cold smoking question

"Bob" wrote in message
Have never tried any cold smoking, but have read that the temp should be
about 100 degrees.

I use a smoker with an offset firebox and have good luck with cooking,
ribs, roasts, etc at about 250 degrees.

Is this smoker usable for cold smoking?

How does one keep the temp down to about 100?

During Texas summers, often the temp exceeds 100 with no fire.
So, can cold smoking be done only in the winter or cooler months?

With modification
No fire (honest)

You smoker was designed for hot smoking, or making barbecue. This is
different from cold smoking used to cure meats.

Cold smoking is often done with a fire in one location, the meats to be
smoked some distance away, maybe even 20 or 30 feet in some cases, with a
flue running between them.

Commercial cold smokers use a hotplate or heating element with wood chips or
sawdust on top of it. If you want to use your smoker, buy a cheap hotplate,
a pie pan, and sawdust and put that in the fire chamber, then put the meat
in the smoker. You can even use a cardboard box for that type of setup.
I've used the hotplate in cold weather with good luck. There are some photos
on my web page.