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Default Traeger flavor issue (Was: Traeger Grill Temperature Problem)

Tinman wrote:
Ironically, yesterday I cooked the best spareribs I have ever made on
the Traeger (or ever, for that matter).

Good deal! I'll be doing another three racks tonight for company that's
suddenly coming over. Today's our company picnic, so I just ate a cold
hamburger with cold baked beans and slightly cool potato salad. I'm ready
for some decent fare.

This will be my third time doing ribs on my Traeger. Each time, they taste a
bit better. I'm still holding out for the great ribs my Texas offset cooker
can do. Of course, that thing requires constant attention just to keep the
temperature constant. But the results are truly amazing.

So, tonight, I'll put a different rub on each rack. One will get plain old
Montreal Chicken Seasoning. Another will get Mesquite Seasoning. And a third
will get Kenrick's (local meat market) Rib Rub-my personal favorite. We'll
sit around, drink beer while the barbecue gets done, swap stories, eat too
much, go to bed late, sleep in tomorrow. It's a tough job, but we're happy
to do it!

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