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Default Large Rainbow trout ideas???

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On May 31, 11:06 am, "keep_it_simple" wrote:
This sounds fantastic!!!

Steves idea of brining and smoking sounds rather like a longer process
stuffing sounds great!!!

I have seen a salmon cooked on a bbq by wrapping it in a very thick layer
wet newspaper and "steaming" it......

Lemon juice and Worcs sauce is a marriage made in heaven anyway..... and
bonus would be adding a slug of tomato juice and vodka to the excess for
perfect Bloody Mary!!!!!

Please post your recipe if you have time to find it...I would be so

Fish turns out to be rather closer to 1.5kg than 2kg by the way.... but
a beautiful looking animal around 17-18 inches long in total!


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On May 30, 3:18 pm, "keep_it_simple" wrote:
I respectfully ask for ideas...

I have been made a gift of a rather beautiful Rainbow trout (whole but
gutted, around 2 KG...currently deep frozen ).

Trout stands up well to smoke, it can handle it without being over
powered. I have a recipe I have used where you stuff the trout with
onions, celery, peppers and saltine crackers and the trout is wrapped
with bacon. Excellent flavor. I have moved to an area where I only get
fresh salt water fish, but I recall it was a hit when I did make it.
If interested I`ll dig it out and post it. I think the marinade was
just lemon juice and Worchestershire sauce.
Regards, Don

I have a family BBQ this weekend and would love to present this as an

I did find my recipe, however it calls out for deboned fish. I have
brined trout also and find it it delicious as the brining removes the
fishiness and mellows it out. I might suggest following the brine with
a rinse and then rub the insides with
4 or so garlic cloves
Juice of a lemon
2 to 4 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp. pepper
2 tablespoons oil.
Mash the ingredients and add the oil to make a paste. Rub the flesh
insides of the trout with the paste, place in a bag and fridge for
about an hour. Grill or smoke until the flesh is done and flakes
easily. If you can get the beast cut into two halves, that backbone
requires a very sharp knife!, place the two skin sides down on
aluminum foil. Easier to test for doneness and when finished the skin
can be seperated easily by inserting a spatula between the skin and
the flesh leaving the skin stuck to the foil. It may take two spatulas
in your case....... Sorry about my lack of remembering how I did I did
this before, it`s been several years. I just don`t think stuffing
could work this way.
regards, Don

The only thing I would say is that I would rather avoid very spicy
since not everyone likes fiery...they can always add firey sauce

I am no expert and usually limit myself to plain and simple
steaks/chicken/chops etc.

Go on...... make me a hero this weekend!!!!

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Thanks to all for the ideas and the great weblink :-)

In the end my mum said she really wanted to taste the fish this time since
it was a first.

So, I kept it simple for this first trial.....

Probably very boring to you all but this is what I did:

1. Whipped off the head (fish too long)
2. Washed it out well.
3. onto a well buttered stiff foil tray
4. made a quick stuffing as suggested using chives, celery, parsley, and a
whole lemon (juice squeezed over fish first).
5. well salted and a little b;ack pepper and, again as suggested, a slug of
Worcs sauce.
6. Well sealed with foil to give a parcel with air space
7. into oven while BBQ rest of stuff then lifted parcel out and stood it on
BBQ for 10 mins or so.

Plopped it in the middle of the table and handed out forks.....

The hoards also cleared 1.5 dozen bread rolls dipped in the cooking

Many thanks to all....