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Default Mom's Kitchen Tools

Terry Pulliam Burd wrote:
I was making homemade tortillas tonight, forming them into taco shells
as they fried, when I thought for the million and a half time that I
sure wish I had my mother's gizmo for draining taco shells after they
came out of the hot oil. It was something like a very small jelly roll
pan with a fitted rack. I drain the shells on an old towel, which
works, but I sure wish I'd snagged Mother's gizmo when I had the

Anyone else have a kitchen tool a parent or grandparent or whomever
used that you wish you had now?

Terry "Squeaks" Pulliam Burd...oh, and grandma's worn cleaver sigh

I have grandma's cast iron griddle and I use it to make cornmeal "johnny
cakes" and also her scones. Works well on a grill, as well.