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Default Mouldy Cheese

Dave Smith wrote:
Last time I had a nice dinner party, a guest brought some cheese as a
"Gift". I already had a fruit and cheese plate nicely arraged, so I asked
her to just put it in the fridge.

Well last night I found the cheeze. It said Cammenbeart on the label, and
it was FULL of mould!

I guess I should throw it out. I tried to scrape off the mould, but it
was all in the crevices.

You should save it for the next time you are invited to the house of the
person who brought it to you and re-gift. You can tell them how much you
enjoyed the one they gave you and thought you should return the favour.

Except that Chef didn't tell us how long ago he had that dinner party.
It could have been a week or a year!

gloria p