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Default Last nights dinner - vegetable soup... tonight's dinner - vegetable stew!

Karen AKA Kajikit wrote:

> I thought I had plenty of liquid in it, but tonight I went to grab a
> bowl of the leftovers, and it had thickened up so much in the fridge
> that it was vegetable stew!
> The question now is what can I do to revive it or make it more
> appealing to DH so I'm not stuck eating it for the rest of the week...
> he was happy to eat the soup but he refused the stew point-blank.

Having read the other responses, I'm going to make a completely different
approach. First, make the stuff even THICKER, by heating it up, reducing it
to a thick paste (this would be a good time to add any other vegetables that
you've got lying around and which wouldn't clash with the stuff already in
the stew), stirring in a cornstarch slurry and cooking for a while longer.
Let it cool back down, and then do any of these:

1. Make croquettes: Shape the thick stuff into ovals, coat them with
breadcrumbs, and deep-fry.

2. Make egg rolls or potstickers: Add some cooked cabbage and use the
mixture to fill egg-roll wrappers or gyoza wrappers.

3. Make pierogies: Use the mixture to fill pierogies.

You could also fill crepes or enchiladas; I think you get the idea.