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Default Last nights dinner - vegetable soup... tonight's dinner - vegetable stew!

Karen AKA Kajikit wrote:
> Yesterday the weather was just miserable... blowing a gale and
> threatening to storm all day... most un-Floridalike (there was even a
> tornado watch all day!) So I made a pot of vegetable and rice soup for
> dinner. It was a little bland but nice and comforting with some fresh
> bread and ham...
> I thought I had plenty of liquid in it, but tonight I went to grab a
> bowl of the leftovers, and it had thickened up so much in the fridge
> that it was vegetable stew!
> The question now is what can I do to revive it or make it more
> appealing to DH so I'm not stuck eating it for the rest of the week...
> he was happy to eat the soup but he refused the stew point-blank.

My question is the same as Janet's; had you reheated it yet? If it was
homemade stock it does gel when chilled and thins out when reheated.

My other question is, why would DH refuse to eat stew? There's really no
difference except one is thicker. Is it a texture thing? I much prefer
vegetable (or vegetable beef) stew over the soup, and I'm a soupaholic!