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Default Tea and caffeine

LurfysMa wrote:
Is there somewhere I can find out how much caffeine ther si in various

No, and this is a big problem..

Is there an online vendor that reports the caffeine content for all or
most of the teas they sell? I found 1 or 2 that had some information,
but none that had it listed with each tea.

No, and what is worse, the method you use to make the tea may affect
things too.

As I understand it, the teas ranked fro lowest caffeine to highest

Herbals (I know, not really teas)

This is a very hasty generalization. There are some greens which have
lots of caffeine and some blacks which don't.

However, on the few sites that I found that showed caffeine content,
some of the greens were higher than most of the blacks.

Right. I don't know of any way short of actually making a cup of tea
and doing an analysis, or drinking it and seeing how it makes you feel.
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