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Default TN:1990 Lynch Bages

On Feb 17, 10:56´┐Żam, "Bi!!" wrote:
We were at a party last night and I tasted a lot of wines but this one
really stood out. *I opened it upon arrival, decanted it and hid it in
a cupboard for an hour before tasting. *It was still quite dark
reddish purple with a bit of pink at the rim. *The nose was
straightforward Bordeaux with plenty of black fruit, tobacco, a bit of
barnyard and the usual trademark Lynch Bages horse blanket/wet dog
brett although in this case it was quite faint. *The wine was rich on
the palate showing a ton of cassis, plum, and blackberry. *A bit of
anise and espresso with a bit of minerality on the finish. *Faily low
acid with plush, well resolved tannins. *The wine will hold for many
years to come. *Maybe one of my favorite vintages of Lynch Bages and a
wine that rarely disappoints. *I solid "A" on the Dale Scale.

Love the '90 LB, great juice, approachable yet young.