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Default Perfex pepper grinder

A few weeks ago I bought a Perfex pepper grinder.
The main reason is that I wanted a grind that was very large (without
going through the Jacques Pepin routine of slamming a pan down on the
top of the peppercorns). In that regard, it has lived up to my
expectations; the grind is fabulous (for me). I did find today
contrary to my thinking that teaspoon of freshly finely ground
pepper from one grinder is totally different in spicey-ness than
freshly large ground pepper. Actually to my tastes, the large grind
is much spicier. That certainly doesn't work out that way in kosher
ground salt whereby you use a different amount vs. regular salt.

The other pepper grinder I have used since 1975 is the wooden MarLux
and it is still working fine. Both of these grinders, Perfex and
Marlux are made in France and are life-time warranty.

I bought the pepper mill and salt mill because at the time it was "in
vogue" to grind salt. I haven't used it for years. I have tried to
use a different pepper in it (i.e., mixed peppers so as to distinguish
the color of the mill), but it seemed that it was too hard to grind.
I've tried regular black peppers, and it seemed as well that it was
too hard to grind. The grinder at the bottom of the two are
completely different in design, so I guess that indeed accounts for
the difficulty in grinding.

Googling a little I find that different types of salt can ruin your
salt grinder and "Always use a salt mill with a ceramic or plastic
grinding mechanism. Metal, including stainless steel, will corrode and
adversely flavor the salt." (Mine is metal).

I wonder if salt grinders are still as popular as 30 years ago.
Dee Dee