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Default Native American Cuisine

On Jan 29, 1:55 pm, Joseph Littleshoes wrote:
Nancy2 wrote:

On Jan 29, 10:36 am, wrote:

Is there a Native American Cuisine? What do you know aboutNativeAmerican food? Is Mexican food Native American?

Your website seems to think that "Southwestern, Mexican or Native
American" are all interchangable terms. Not.

What about the northern tribes? I doubt the Southwestern or Mexican
NAs have a tradition of cooking with wild rice or salmon.


Ferns cooked in bear fat? popcorn? corn on the cob? planked salmon? wild
berries, snake meat, buffalo steaks, elk, moose, clams, oysters,
lobsters, various stews made of local ingredients, smoked fish,
dehydrated or air cured meats and veggies. My grandmother had a recipe
using philberts or hazel nuts pounded to a paste to make a kind on flat,
non rising bread.

But bear in mind that for the most part, even with more settled tribes,
the diet was a hunter gatherer diet, opportunistic and not as set as the
diet of the early european invaders that died because they would not eat
local produce.

I was at a potlatch in alaska once where the foods were all traditional
Native american regional foods, prepared as they had always been, and
though i think the cooks took some liberties with hygiene and prep work,
i was amazed at how good the foods were. My hillbilly relatives did not
cook as well as the Native americans.
Joseph Littleshoes

Not all Native Americans were hunters and gatherers. Large areas were
under cultivation using irrigation and even plant breeding. In North
America by 1700 large Native planted areas that included corn, beans,
squash, peach and apples were in evidence.