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Default Native American Cuisine

On Jan 29, 12:29 pm, Puester wrote:
maxine in ri wrote:
On Jan 29, 11:36 am, wrote:
Is there a Native American Cuisine? What do you know about Native
American food? Is Mexican food Native American?

There is Native American food, it has changed over the years since
contact with Europeans and other folks who've interacted with them.
Much of their current cooking is similar to other cooking in the US.

For traditional recipes, try a google search for "traditional native
american recipes"

maxine in riIIRC, Rhode Island tribes (Wampanoags?) used a lot of quahogs, lobster,

fish and corn.

gloria p

Yes. They used the lobsters for fertilizer around the Three
Taught the Pilgrims to feed it to their pigs, until someone got the
silly idea
of eating the critter!

maxine in ri