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Blanche Nonken
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Default KitchenCraft cookware and waterless cooking

zxcvbob > wrote:

> If she is happy with her cookware, what does it matter? I like my old
> Revereware (copper bottoms) and Corningware, and other people here think
> it's crap. I can live with that.

Hey, I have four pieces of Calphalon (not the Non-Stick) and I love
those for what they do. I have an old, old Revereware stockpot, a
slightly less old other Revereware stockpot, a couple of cast-iron
skillets and a Tupperware 3-piece microwave vegetable steamer, I love
'em all because I use 'em for what they're best at.

If she loves what she has, then hey, whatever.