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"Dave Smith" > wrote in message
> pfoley wrote:
> > That recipe seems totally different from Irish Lamb Stew and Beef Stew,

> > I guess that is why its called Greek Lamb Stew. I would much prefer the
> > Irish Lamb Stew version. I do love Greek Shish Kebob with either lamb or
> > beef, peppers, onions and tomatoes over rice, but that is the only Greek
> > food I know.

> Greek food rules. I love it. I often go to Greek restaurants. They don't
> usually have a lot of variety, but instead seem to stick to a few
> traditional dishes, mostly with simple ingredients, and done well. My only
> problem with greek restaurants is the north americanized version of greek
> salad. All you need for a Greek salad is cucumber, onion, tomato, feta,
> Kalamata olives, salt and pepper, oregano or marjoram, lemon juice and
> olive oil. Chop and slice ingredients, toss them together, season them

> salt pepper, a little oregano and then squeeze some lemon juice over it

> drizzle some olive oil on top. You can't beat it on a hot simmer day.
> The typical marinade for grilled meats is olive oil, lemon juice, garlic,
> oregano and salt and pepper. It can be used with pork lamb, beef or
> chicken.
> Even a simple sandwich can be a tasty experience. There is no lunch nicer
> than a proper Gyros, or a Slouvaki in pita with onion, tomato and

> Greek desserts are amazing. I love Baklava, too bad about my nut problem,
> but it is worth suffering for. And then there is Galactaboriko, a sweat
> thick custard baked in phyllo pastry and drizzled with a sweet honey

Well, now that I think about it, back in the day, I did used to frequent a
Greek deli for the best greek grinder I ever had. They used to grill the
grinder and fill it with sauteed peppers, onions and probably some other
veggie then top it with cheese and stick it under the grinder and melt the
cheese. I have never found another place that did that since and it was
really good
I have heard of that marinade for lamb chops and that salad also sounds