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Puester wrote:
> Dimitri wrote:
>> You'll find a lot of "Greek" recipes on the net.

> Comb through used bookstores and look at cookbooks printed as Greek
> Orthodox church fundraisers.
> My favorite is "The Art of Greek Cookery" from the Women of St. Paul's
> Greek Orthodox Church, Hempstead, Long Island NY. Copyright 1961. I
> think I got it as an alternate selection when I belonged to the Cookbook
> of the Month Club.
> Many ethnic cookbooks are awful; some are gems. You take your chances.
> gloria p

I bought a nice little Greek paperback cook book in Athens in 1985 while
on my way to Istanbul on business. Use it at least weekly. IIRC it is
titled "Some Greeks Cooking." The English used is funny but it gets the
job done. Best moussaka recipe I've ever used is in it.