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Puester > wrote:
>Dimitri wrote:
>> You'll find a lot of "Greek" recipes on the net.

>Comb through used bookstores and look at cookbooks printed as Greek
>Orthodox church fundraisers.
>My favorite is "The Art of Greek Cookery" from the Women of St. Paul's
>Greek Orthodox Church, Hempstead, Long Island NY. Copyright 1961. I
>think I got it as an alternate selection when I belonged to the Cookbook
>of the Month Club.
>Many ethnic cookbooks are awful; some are gems. You take your chances.

From what I hear, the babas and the yayas (don't know what the Greek term
is for the grandmotherly-type church ladies) at most Orthodox parishes -
Russian, Greek, Ukrainian, or mixed - are an inspiration to most of us
Church Kitchen Ladies. On a religious web-forum I'm on, we joke about the
Orthodox luring converts with baklava .

I wish we had more lower-end Greek restaurants around here - most are very
expensive (good but $$$). We can, however, get some good Greek food at
several pan-Med joints nearby and some delis, and true aficinados don't
miss the annual Greek festival.

I had some excellent Greek food on my recent quickie trip to Seattle:
Georgia's on 85th Ave NW in Greenwood, just west of the center with the
Greenwood Market and Freddy's.