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Default Your Favorite Cheese

On Sun, 14 Jan 2007 23:13:37 +0000, Mr Cheese Fiend wrote:

|Which one's your favourite?

It is a Troll post see:

Subject: 4.2 The crosspost Troll

This is perhaps the most effective Troll in that it
produces large numbers of posts with little effort from the
Troll. An inflammatory post is made to a group of Sub
Target newsgroups, say cooking, politics or guns. The
Target Newsgroup is included in the ng list. The innocent
posters to the Sub Target newsgroup continue to discuss
this in the normal way without noticing that the posts are
also going to the Target Newsgroup.

This is commonly combined with The Request for Assistance

ng line was:,,,al,alt.cheese,uk.rec.driving,uk.rec.walking,demo n.local

The Trolls are subscribed to: demon.local
The target newsgroups auk.rec.driving,uk.rec.walking,
The sub target ngs a,,,alt.cheese

Just killfile the thread.

demon.local removed

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