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Default sourdough starter too sour ?

"TG" wrote in

[sven] wrote:

I live in Belgium ( that's in Europe ;-) ).

You don't really need to translate your instructions, i'm used to
convert miles to km's, pounds to kg.. f to c and so on.

Still nice of you to think about the rest of the world.

Wholemeal rye is indeed on my "to start " list. But my packet of rye
flour went empty a week ago, and i need to buy another one, wich is
not that simple here.. almost all flour is wheat ( or "bio"
as we say ) rye is even harder to find. Anyway no real problem.

off to work


Hi Sven,

I'm in Europe to : -) so it's easier for me to think in g's K's and
C's. I've just become used to typing in Imperial for the groups. When
in Rome and all that. : -)

I am surprised that you don't get rye there in Belgium though. Perhaps
that's just my ignorance. It's quite readily available here now.
There's a few good flour site available now that might ship to you. I
know one does for sure, and they have a great range of European
flours. I can't think of the name right now but if you like when I get
home I'll look it up for you. Try Shipton Mill. They're great. They do
a Swedish dark flour which I love. Unfortunately my partner doesn't so
I don't use very much of it.


Hey Jim,

Well, when i say " hard to find rye" i mean, i have to take my car and
drive a few km's to get rye flour. I'm used to do everyting by foot or
bicycle. Since Belgium is so small and dense most people live within
walking distance of all the shops they need.. make that bicycle distance.
But that does not take away my impression that rye flour is less popular
among home bakers here than wheat.

Had a look on the shipton site and it looks nice indeed. And i must say,
the region where shipton is located, looks like a nice destination for a
long weekend holiday trip.

Rome you say ? i was there a few years back, nice scooteristas ;-)