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Default Unglazed quarry tile for baking stones

Adam Preble wrote:
I wanted two cheap pizza stones that I could double up and use to bake
bread and such.

Why? Placing any stone into a residential oven does not a brick oven
make, in fact it does nothing whatsoever to enhance any kind of baking
and in all cases will interfere with the thermodymic convection
engineered into the oven.

I've seen suggestions online to look into unglazed
quarry tile with some caveats.

Unglazed flooring tile belongs on floors you walk on, it's not food
safe... not even safe to walk on barefoot. What you want is the type
of fire brick designed for food industry use... they're relatively
costly, but still will do absolutely nothing to enhance baking in the
typical residential oven, but will in *all* instances produce an
inferior product.

Hawking so-called pizza stones is probably the biggest fraud
perpetrated on the cooking public within the past 100 years.

Even pizzerias no longer bake directly on the floor of their commercial
brick ovens, to produce a superior product they more and more have gone
to using pizza screens.