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Default All day in the bloody kitchen!!!

On 24 Dec 2006 06:38:45 GMT, PeterL rummaged among
random neurons and opined:

Good thing there is a never ending supply of La Cerveza Mas Fina :-)


Merry Christmas back!

I've now been in the kitchen five hours and am taking a break. I got 3
lbs. of green beans trimmed and blanched for tomorrow's Green Beans
with Garlic and Lemon, a double batch of pecan pie-like cookies called
Harris Ranch Pecan Drops finished, layered mocha cream torte is in the
refrigerator (this was the most labor intensive, so took a while), and
deviled the eggs (wound up doing the yolk mixture in the food
processor and that worked a treat).

My next project, after I've worked my way through the ng and a glass
of eggnog, is the Waldorf salad, then prep for the Asiago Cheese and
Pepperoni Pinwheels and clean the shrimp, which the DH will barbecue
for hors d'oeuvres on The Day. BBQ sauce is already made.

If I have any energy left after that, I'll get a start on setting the
tables, which involves moving a huge glass and steel coffee table to
make room for a dining table!

Hope Santa is/was good to everyone!

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