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Default How green is your YinHao Jasmine?

I have several commercial brands and one online vendor brand of YinHao
Jasmine from a Chinese vendor. YinHao means Silver Tips more or less.
There is lots of white tip but the leaf looks almost oolong in color.
It might be a stretch to say it is a dark green. However the spent
leaf is green. One of my Chinese boxes says Green Tea with Jasmine
fragrance. The Internet says the base tea is green tea from the yearly
spring scented with Jasmine blossom from the early fall. That seems a
long time for green tea to sit around and not change colors. I'm
wondering if anybody has YinHao where the leaf actually looks green.
Jasmine is my last Chinese taste to conquer. I also probably won't win
the lottery if I don't play or drink. I'll let others calm their