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Default White tea from Africa

Hi Jenn

As far as I know this really is the first White Tea out of Africa. I
have been working there for 20 years and have never seen or heard of
another. White teas yes from China, India, and Sri Lanka, but not from
Nothing But Tea Ltd, see ( -
click on Wildcrafted Teas - New) has exclusive selling rights but we
are seeking distributors.

Certainly it is out of the Camellia stable - from the Assamica branch -
this is (I believe) what gives it such an intriguing pale apricot color
and floral aroma compared with China Whites - which now taste a liitle
insipid to me.

In process it follows the traditional White Tea system of minimal
intervention, relying on extreme care in plucking, withering and
drying, using the sun and cool breezes. For these reasons the supply
is limited and the cost is high. However considering you can steep
four four times minimum you can make 80 cents worth of tea last an

Another advantage of these White Teas from Malawi is their amazingly
high but naturally occurring theanine levels - some of the cultivars
(we feature four so far) have up to double the average theanine level
of Japanese, Indian and Argentinian teas. Theanine is the natural
relaxing stress reducing amino acid found almost exclusively in
Camellia tea.

Not too many people, even in the trade, have tasted Malawi White Teas
yet so we do not have so many referrals but those who have tasted are
crazy for it.

Hope this answers some of your questions and really do look foward to
hearing your comments when you taste some.

Nigel at Teacraft

On Nov 4, 1:15 am, "Jenn" wrote:
Hi all yall out there,
I would like to strt a discussion of african white tea. Nigel says its
great and his daughter has a website that exclusively sells it. I know
I have seen a site that had it before reading about Nigels Discussion
of white tea. I went to Nigels daughters site and never remember being
there. But recently (and I will find it I read it...) Was in english
with prices in US dollars than pounds. NOw I always like to try tea
from anywhre I can that is tea.
Nigel... Is this tea is it a sinisis plant or another plant? It sound
Now, anyone out there who had tried this please tell us about it (me)
...Nigel You cannot be totally objective of course this is your
daughters place and I understand this. The reason I am asking becausse
the price seemed kinda high. But I have spent more than I should on tea
for sure.
So anyone who has taken the leap please post.. I an very interested for
all the reasons we talked about in another topic.
Yours all yall in tea