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Default Indian Cuisines

Thanks a lot for visitin my blog.. keep visiting often and you will
find exciting recipes. Today i have posted Navratna Korna which has dry
fruits in its recipe and Gazpacho.. i am sure you are going to enjoy it
with Spinach Paratha...


Elderberry Blossom wrote:
Very nice. Thank You for the Spinach Partha recipe. I'll try that soon.

Dipsee wrote:
Hi everybody.. I am 33 and very much interested in cooking i would be
posting some interesting india cuisines for you to enjoy and i am sure
you are all going to enjoy cooking it at home.
This cuisines are my own ones, my parents and friends have al enjoyed
it a lot. You can all visit my blog

I would be regularly updating this and also i would like to have your
comments poted on. Any queries are also welcome.