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Default 50th anniversary

"Jack Campin - bogus address" wrote in message
Apparently it was the 50th anniversary of the death of Clarence
Birdseye last Saturday.

Did anybody celebrate? A Birdseye Dinner should be one of the
easier commemorations to organize.

Soon after the end of WWII, 1949 or so, I must have been about 10, a
neighbor and close family friend our ours wnt into the frozen food
distribution business. Soon after, we rented"locker" at his plant (a
converted "ice house") and within a year or so, a "deep freeze" of our own.
To this day, there are some frozen vegetables I scorn. Fortunately, most
are now available fresh "year-round". English peas, especially the petit
pois version thereof, seem to make the fresh to frozen transition best, but
I still recall how much I disliked that classic 'Merkin blend, "Succotash"
(which no self respecting Injun could have choked down), anda world
disfavorite, "Mixed Vegetables".

I don't think I'll ever forget, as vivid as Captain'r Queeg's frenzy, my
first encounter with "Frozen Strawberries", the heavily sugared sort slice
in syrup, served atop vanilla ice cream. Then there were the fish from seas
I'd never seen (and some apparently from seas upon which I'd never sail,
being unidentifiable species). Who came up with "Ocean Perch"?