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Default Senseo Pod Machine

I recently acquired one of these machines via a promotional offer. Thought
I'd inquire here if others have been able to participate in the same
program. After filling out a survey, I had been accepted as a participant,
and am supposed to let others try the machine and get their opinions. I'll
share what I found out from my own experience:

1. One pod of Senseo coffee is too strong for 4-oz of coffee. I use one
pod and the 2-cup setting and it's just right for my taste.

2. Other brands of pods can also be used. Here we have Community Coffee
that has their own pods, and recently I've seen Folger's and Maxwell House
follow suit with their pods. I've only recently bought the Community
Coffee pods (dark roast). Again, one pod is too strong for 4 oz of coffee.
I like a larger cup and use one pod for 8-oz of brew.

3. The gizmo that you can get so that you can use your own coffee (I found
one at Walmart), doesn't work right on the 2-cup option. If I use the
1-cup button, it works fine, but I only get 4 oz. of coffee. If I use the
2-cup setting, the machine doesn't cut off at the 8-oz mark and I have to
stop it manually.

4. I got an email from Senseo asking me to fill out another survey
regarding my experience with the machine, and upon going there, found they
had a flaw in their survey (I couldn't use my own email address as they
said it had already been used).

Patricia Harper, Carencro LA