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"Mark Thorson" > wrote in message
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>> m...
>> > I'll be asking a lot of silly questions. This one only calls for this
>> > one
>> > seasoning.

>> I wasn't commenting on your question. I was talking about Nancy's
>> crazy suggestion that experience relates to one's bank account.

> Oh, but it does. As well as to age.
> Older, wiser, richer. BOCTAOE.
>> By the way, nobody can tell you where to find taco seasoning in your
>> supermarket unless they shop in YOUR specific supermarket. All answers
>> you get to this question will be both correct in incorrect.

> For example, if you live in Mexico, it is unlikely
> that your supermarket will have a "Mexican" section.

Supermarkets have people called "merchandisers", who have two jobs:

1) To display products in places where they guess they're likely to sell
more. Even within the same supermarket chain, stores are often free to
experiment. I shop at 4 different Wegman's stores. One does not carry taco
seasoning made by any of the spice companies, like McCormick. Rather, it
carries the Ortega packets, right next to the Ortega salsa, taco shells,
etc. In that one store, those items are in the "prepared food" aisle. In two
stores, they're in a special imported foods aisle. In the forth, all imports
are together *except* Hispanic, which gets its own section. Three of the
store *also* carry taco seasoning in the spice section.

2) To further confuse things, the manufacturers provide certain monetary
incentives in return for getting a designated amount of shelf space.
Sometimes they require that this space exist in a certain category aisle,
and sometimes not. If such an agreement is in force at the moment, and a
certain department hasn't got enough shelf space, the product will be moved
to the next most likely place, which could be with canned vegetables.

Nobody can tell him where to fnd this stuff.