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Default Filthy, Unvaccinated Illegals cause 80% of new sickness in USA

J Get rid of all the illegals SEND ALL ILLEGAL WETBACKS HOME !!

J And who is going to cut your grass, pick your crops, care for your young
J and and cook your food?

How about legal immigrants, low-qualified resident and kids? if half of the
country is engaged in pseudo-services that create no value, with 10 levels
of subcontracting trivial operations, when operation like sending a letter
that "will take from 4 to 8 weeks" has become the norm; when you call 10
businesses from yellow pages offering them to come and clean your carpet,
and out of those 10 only 3 return the call - but three weeks later - so
perhaps if the need arises to come to senses and do real job, then at least
part of these parasites would be forced to get real jobs, so the balance
between their qualifications, their willingness to work, and their incomes
would become 1% more balanced?