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Default "collateral included deaths in organic rice production [faq]"

[email protected] wrote:
On 2 Sep 2006 16:32:07 -0700, "Florida" wrote:
[email protected] wrote:
They don't correct him. The only one who even pretended to provide
another impression was pearl who didn't object to "Florida's" insane
suggestion that there ae no cds, but pasted the Lindburg garbage
about the number of cds being no worse than road kill in the same area.

..sigh... Grievous work, attempting to make smart remarks to folks
who don't appear to use their 'smart' setting.

There's nothing smart about denying cds in crop production, and
especially in rice production. Instead there's only stupidity, ignorance,
and extreme dishonesty.

Yes, that is true. I'm not making light of your concern over the
deaths of other species, but thought, wrongly, it seems, that you would
realize that I was making an ironic remark at the illogicality of
admitting that amphibians die in organic rice fields, while pretending
they don't die in the much larger commercial fields.
Ok, there it is. That's my third try at a comment on this subject.
If this one doesn't work, I give up. The frogs are on their own.
Well, except for the frogs on our property, where they are treated
as worthy fellow critters who have as much right to be there as we do.