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Default [OT] The coward of usenet..

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006 22:46:34 GMT, Alan Connor wrote:

On uk.environment, in t, "rick" wrote:

Correction: Someone who _sometimes_ calls himself "rick" wrote:

article not downloaded:

Subject: The coward of usenet..

Not a coward.

You fear the truth. It is your enemy. fact of all people
I've seen posting so far, I believe the truth is more your enemy
than anyone else except maybe for Goo.

I just don't waste my time talking to ignorant,
dishonest, and motormouthed cowards

You are definately such a person yourself.

who hide behind multiple aliases.

Obviously, there's no reason to be afraid of you.

You have much reason. Rick cares about human influence
on animals, aspects of which often display your vegan/"ar"
claims as the dishonest absurdity that they are, and Etter is
prone to point them out for everyone to see. We notice that
you hate it when he does so too.
.. . .

Don't like how I do things, Junior?

If not probably because you're dishonest and/or because
you do things in childish and stupid ways...

Eat schitt. Your own. I've never read an article of yours
(nor any replies to them) and never will. that.