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Default SPAM ALERT Alan the TROLL

"Alan Connor" wrote in message
On uk.environment, in
t, "rick"

Correction: Someone who _sometimes_ calls himself "rick" wrote:

article not downloaded:

Subject: The coward of usenet..

Not a coward. I just don't waste my time talking to ignorant,
dishonest, and motormouthed cowards who hide behind multiple

Ah, so now you are using 2 different aliases, huh fool? Looks
to me like you're just too stupid to play, killer...

Obviously, there's no reason to be afraid of you.

LOL Who said you should be? You should be grateful for hearing
the truth once in a while, hypocrite...

Or haven't you noticed that you can't even get an article into
my newsreader with a dozen sockpuppets, can't remove my
from the Usenet or keep anyone from reading them, and can't
me go away.

Really? You seem to read everything i write, stupid. Looks like
I get through just fine!
You reallt are just too stupid to play...

The thing about trolls is that they never quit running their
mouths on hundreds of newsgroups, using dozens of aliases and
different newsservers, to do any serious thinking or research.

For some reason that utterly evades me, they all think they are
the world's foremost authority on any subject, just because
have thought about it for 10 seconds (max).

Don't like how I do things, Junior?

Eat schitt. Your own. I've never read an article of yours
(nor any replies to them) and never will.

ROTFLMAO Do you always lie so blatently, fool? Afterall, you
just READ and REPLIED to the post I made.
Again, you really are just to stupid for this, aren't you killer?

Not until you find the honesty and courage to post under a
single, unique alias.

I am. Apparently you are not, hypocrite...

No, Junior, nothing you post can harm me. You are obviously a
troll. You have zero credibility.

And you're a lying fool, troll...

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