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Default Chico/Leif cuts and runs...again

chico chupacabra wrote:

The usual drivel of those who don't understand

Still trying to ignore the fact that you and Leif
don't understand animals, and don't know about
animals. This whole thread has been an obvious
attempt at diversion -- the worst kind of
sleazy attempted slight-of-hand to try to hide
your ignorance and error. Admit Leif was
wrong in claiming animals never voluntarily seek
out interspecies sexual activity. You don't even
have to mention what every high-school biology
student knows about imprinting in birds and
socialization in mammals on humans. Just
repeat after me: mule...coydog...wolfdog...
crossbred feline and avian species....

You *try* to turn this into an attack on me
for being a responsible bird owner. That's
because, as we all know, you have no honor
and no honesty, and you're dumb as a post
about real animals. But it doesn't work.
We see through you.

Not that I expect you to have the integrity
to accept responsibility for your lies.
Just recognize they *are* known as lies.