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Default Karen Winter warmly remembers diddling her bird

Karen Winter, anglo catholic bird diddler who doesn't like her son
as a person, wrote:

chico chupacabra wrote:

The usual drivel of those who don't understand

John Mark Karr thinks other people don't understand children, too,
Karen. Those of you who engage in perverted activities with children,
animals, etc., always claim to know so much more than everyone else.
The problem's not with everyone else. It's with you.

BTW, why haven't you replied to the post about church and why you're
too fatigued to finish what you started?

People who actually know about birds -- e.g.
Mary Huber and Skanky

HAHAHA! That's some expert panel you've assembled, Karen. Some violent
SF ditz and a 46 year-old pot-smoking slacker. Why didn't you go
ahead and add Lesley to the list of your experts?

Derek's dumb tangent is simply beneath contempt --

No, he's to be commended. Your former vicars are no doubt grateful to
know what kind of people you and Sylvia really are.

Exit, laughing....

You mean cackling, you old witch.