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chico chupacabra wrote:

The usual drivel of those who don't understand
animals, care about animals, or have the
ability to support their side's false claims.

Of course, this whole tangent was only an effort
to obscure Leif's claim that animals never
want interspecies sexual contact. You *think*
you've managed to lose the original topic by
inventing your usual stupid anti-animal,
ignorant ad hominem attacks. What you've
done is accept my original (correct ) scientific

You guys are just plain ridiculous. You think
you are fooling people and successfully
changing the original subject, but you aren't.
People who actually know about birds -- e.g.
Feralpower and Scented Nectar -- agree you were
wrong. You *are* wrong. You are also dirty-minded,
ignorant, and unfit to own any companion animal,
particularly any bird. Google any bird care site,
and it will support Feral's and my observations on
domestic parrots. But you knew that already.

Derek's dumb tangent is simply beneath contempt --
but typical of his hysterical misrepresentations.
Anybody who watched his meltdown on this thread
would know everything he's claimed about me is
nonsense. He's either really *really* stupid, or
deliberately malicious -- and I'd say, both.

Exit, laughing....